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SYS VSYS Waterproof Motorcycle Camera Recorder WiFi Dual 1080P Full HD


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SYS VSYS Waterproof Motorcycle Camera Recorder WiFi Dual 1080P Full HD

VSYS 2CH DVRs are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. Compared to sports action camera, VSYS professional dash cameras are equipped with dual front & rear sync recording cameras, allows you to capture the unexpected accident evidence, and amazing travel scenery.

Built-in WiFi & Easy Video Management

Connect to the built-in Wi-Fi and open the 'WiFi Camera' app to seamlessly view, playback, configure, download, or share incredible HD video wirelessly on your mobile device. APP supports both iOS & Android systems.

Superb Image Quality

P6FL features Mstar CPU that records at 30 frames per second in 1920x1080 resolution. And built-in Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor, 6-layer glass lens, and 150° view angle for front and rear camera provides crisp, smooth and wide footage, even in the night.

The P6L's rear lens features 1280x720@25fps resolution, 4-layer glass lens, and 120° view angle.

Hard-Wired Connection

It's hard-wired to the bike. The main unit is mounted under the seat. The separated small camera is fixed with double-sided foam tape and can be fastened with screws. It's easy for hidden installation without being noticed which is different from the helmet or action camera. Horizontal and vertical angles of the lens can be easily adjusted to obtain a better viewing angle.

Full Body Waterproof Protection

IP67 waterproof design for cameras; IP65 waterproof design for the main unit and other accessories. Whether it's rainy or dusty, it works steadily, recording every moment of your journey.

Please do NOT flush the main unit, lenses, power module, wired controller and GPS tracker with the high-pressure water gun.

High/Low-Temperature Resistance

Premium components materials ensure VSYS dash cam can function in temperature from -10℃ - 65℃. This resistance means that you can continue using the P6L/P6FL wherever you are. Whether in the hot desert or cold regions, keep recording.

Waterproof Wired Conroller

1) Check DVR status from LED indicators.
2) Short press any button of wired remote to activate Manual Emergency Mode to snapshot and lock video files.
3) Long press any button to reset WiFi.

Automatic Video Recording

The DVR starts automatically with the key ignition and turns off once the bike is not being used. Make sure the yellow wire is connected to an ACC power source, such as head light, trail light, horn and others which is associated the ignition.